The Team

Bushra Bataineh

I specialize in product/market fit and completed my PhD in Sustainable Design and Construction at Stanford University.

Ruth McGee

I specialize in constructibility and studied Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley.

Katrina Starbird

I specialize in energy solutions and study Physics and Geoscience at Yale University. 

Daniel Chiu

I specialize in product and industrial design and study Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.

Stefan Streckfus

I specialize in energy solutions and have a background in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design.

Miles Dorosin

I specialize in design thinking and rapid prototyping and co-lead Play for Tomorrow, engaging in design sessions with students worldwide.

Kevin Bush

I specialize in product and materials and completed my PhD in Material Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

Nayef Bataineh

I specialize in fundraising, rapid prototyping, and product/market fit. My background is in private equity and environmental science. 

Leni Peterson

I specialize in empathy research and human-centered design and completed my BS in Mech Engineering and Design at Stanford University.

Connor Hum

I specialize in urban planning and technology access and study Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. 

Heeya Sen

I specialize in software and sustainable development and study Computer Science and Stats at Duke University

Arnaud Dusser

I specialize in construction management and completed my MS in Civil and Environmental Eng. at Stanford

Basma Altaf

I specialize in Design and Architecture and study Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

John Bush

I specialize in passive and active cooling and ventilation to optimize energy efficiency. 

Our Advisors

Prof. Ray Levitt

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University
Director, Stanford Global Projects Center

Prof. Daniel Hall

Professor, ETH Zurich
Chair, Innovative and Industrial Construction
Institute of Construction & Infrastructure Management

Prof. Jerker Lessing

R&D Director, Boklok (IKEA and Skanska Joint Venture), Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University


Norwegian Refugee Council

Berit Enge
Board Chair, NRC-USA


TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy


Stanford Refugee Research Project

Lead by Dr. Michele Barry, SRRP explores how Stanford University can best address the refugee crisis in the Middle East.​



StartX Accelerator

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